About Juno Architectural Glass Inc.

Juno Architectural Glass, Inc., was founded in 2001 by Juno Lachman in Portland, Oregon, and has provided architectural glass throughout the Pacific Northwest.  The studio can accommodate both small and large scale productions. 

Juno has been working in the field of art and architectural glass since 1991. Before starting his own studio, he worked for private studios in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Portland enhancing his skills and developing his own techniques. In 2001, Juno opened his studio, Juno Architectural Glass, Inc., which specializes in custom designed sandblasted, laminated and cold-worked architectural glass. His clients include architects, designers, contractors, homeowners, and business owners, as well as other artists.

Juno’s designs typically incorporate the natural environment into architectural glass through texture, color, and translucency.  Designs can range from free-form sand carved glass to highly graphic or photographic sand blasting to nature-inspired patterned glass.


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